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 Adding a new furry friend to the family is an exciting time!   

We understand what an important, and daunting,  decision this can be. 

We  are here to help you through the process.   

We are absolutely thrilled you are considering a Bolonka Treasure

How to Adopt

Most of our puppies are placed through referrals and return customers.    As more people discover the breed  we are seeing an increase in new inquiries.   Welcome!!

Referrals, current and past bolonka owners have VIP status.    Many homes have 2 and 3 bolonka from us!   

Step 1  APPLY

The first step in adding a Bolonka Treasures Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka to your home is to complete our  application.   

We will then contact you to further discuss the details of adding a bolonka to your home.   

We care about you and our puppies.   Once we have completed the interview process we can  match you with a bolonka that best fits your lifestyle and preferences.  

Due to time zone differences and in the spirit of efficiency, we prefer initial contact by email.   Prior to reserving a puppy,   we will require to speak with you by phone.      

Step 2   The Wait List

Once approved we can add you to our waiting list.     You have two options: 


  1. You can pay a (non-refundable) fee to secure your spot on the list to choose a puppy from the litter of your choice . 

  2. You can watch our announcements and see what puppies are available after those on the waitlist have made their selections.


The waitlist fee is applied towards the purchase of the puppy.  ( You can remain on the waitlist for 2 years.   If you have not reserved/chosen a puppy in that time the fee is forfeited. )    

Step 3  Choose your puppy!

Once puppies are born and you have chosen one, we will ask for a  (non-refundable) deposit will hold the puppy until he/she is ready to go home.   

All monies paid waitlist/deposit go towards the purchase price of the puppy. 

**We will not hold a puppy without a deposit**

 Once you have reserved your puppy, it will be time to prepare for his/her arrival.   

We can help  you in this process  and have prepared a  " your new puppy" guideline.   (coming soon)  


Getting Puppy Home

We encourage you to pick up your puppy in person.   You may come to our home or we can meet you at the airport.


If you are unable  to come in person,  you can hire a personal representative to transport via "white glove delivery service".

For a fee and time permitting, I can travel to you or meet partway.  


We NEVER ship our puppies cargo!!

 We will NOT  release our puppies to ground transporters hauling a large number of animals or on long trips. 

They are far too valuable and too precious to risk their lives or health.

*We will not make travel arrangements until puppy is paid in full. *

Click here now to start the process and join the Bolonka Treasures bolonka family!


Preservation Breeder/Exhibitor Est. 2008

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