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Chocolate/White Female - (Pet Home Only)


Margo is available to a pet home only. She was born November 27, 2022 and is now 3 months old. She was spoken for and it turns out she will be too small. She is charting for just 5-7 lbs. Little dog; big personality. This little girl is one happy and friendly little puppy. Her little tail is over her back and wagging all the time! She is beautiful and smart! She already runs outside to go potty. Her favorite food is Royal Canin small puppy kibble and Chewy & Stella Perfectly Puppy.

Margo comes from a long line of calm, quiet, and gentle dogs and would do well as an emotional support pet or therapy dog visiting children, seniors, or anyone in need of a pick me up visit.

Her grandparents traveled to Bolonka Treasures from the Ruscanis Kennel in Russia. Together they had Margo's mom and here is little Margo! Her mom and her Grandpa Ulan are spending their retirement years here at Bolonka Treasures.


Preservation Breeder/Exhibitor Est. 2008

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