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AKC, Dog Shows

AKC, Dog Shows


Registration is important for recording pedigrees .    

Our breeding dogs are registered with the American Kennel Club. 

Many are dual registered RKF.    

Dog shows are a part of responsible dog breeding. These shows were designed to  evaluate breeding stock  suitability by comparing the dog to the breed standard.   
I love dogs and I love dogs shows.   I enter shows to validate my breeding program, to enjoy the comradery, and have fun.    We have ICKC, ARBA, RKF, and IABCA  championed dogs.   (AKC next)     

Dog shows are also a sport and hobby.   Some individuals travel the country (or hire professional handlers)  to  earn championships and ultimately a chance at Westminster.    

Let's not forget Agility, Rally, and Obedience where dogs ability to "do" and "learn" is showcased.  

There really is something for everyone 's interest in the dog fancy.    If you are new to the dog world, I encourage you to explore these opportunities to have fun with your dog.   I am happy to direct you to some resources to get help you get started.


Preservation Breeder/Exhibitor Est. 2008

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