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Colors & Sizes

Colors & Sizes

  "Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka" translates to Russian Colored Lapdog and that is exactly what we breed.


We  produce  curly to wavy coated dogs in ALL colors and patterns.   When the breed was developed the most common colors were black, brown, and grey-wolf with minimal white.   As time went on more and more colors and patterns have been developed.   

 In our litters, you  will occasionally see high white or parti marked puppies. This is naturally occurring and is seen in bolonka litters worldwide. 

 We do not  remove dogs in our program that produce high white markings.  Eliminating healthy dogs based strictly on color pattern  is detrimental to an already limited  gene pool.   The genetics are already present and we just do not remove it.     

High white is a disqualification in the show ring and  they make fantastic pets.  

Lap Size.  

 Most of our dogs mature 5-8 lbs.   Some mature larger.   We do have tiny lines and periodically have puppies that mature 3-4 lbs.   We do hold them longer and we consult with our vet about any additional tests needed.   This is a novelty sized dog and requires special accommodations, care, and owner expectations.

We follow the breed standard and breed dogs to be competitive in the show ring and as family pets.

The Yap

Small dogs are often associated with being yappy.   Not the Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka! One of the most impressive traits I learned about living with this breed is the tendency not to bark.   

They talk.  They bark to alert.   They bark when they play.   An adolescent puppy will play with their voice.   

My experience living with bolonka and the feedback I receive from my visitors, and many families is that they are pretty quiet dogs!   

I have had other breeders and people tell me that their bolonka are barkers.   

Maybe I just got lucky?  or Maybe that is how the people of Russia were able to hide these little dogs during the years that small non-utilitarian dogs were not "allowed".  


Preservation Breeder/Exhibitor Est. 2008

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