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Purchasing a puppy is a financial and emotional investment.  We want to ensure you receive a healthy puppy.    We cannot guarantee that all puppies born will never experience a health issue, but we can take steps to reduce the chance of it occurring.

 Healthy dogs make healthy puppies.  Our dog are health tested or in the process of being tested. 

We follow our breed club recommendations and have taken our dogs in to have their eyes.heart/patella certified, and had genetics tests performed by PawPrint Genetics, and Embark.   As of this writing we are in the process of transferring test results and AKC registration numbers to OFA to obtain CHIC numbers.   


Your new puppy will receive a comprehensive health  exam prior to leaving our home.    Puppy receives vet administered vaccines and is given preventative treatment for internation/external parasites.

*breeders/owners can legally give shots at home, however, unless the vet knows and trusts the breeder they usually will not accept home vaccines .   Not only that....the vet provides a exam each time you come in for vaccine.   It is one more opportunity to evaluate the health status of the puppy.  

We provide a health guarantee and  offer 30 days complimentary health insurance.

In 2023 we  will be expanding  our protocol for  puppies leaving our home .  These changes go over and above industry standard.   


Preservation Breeder/Exhibitor Est. 2008

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