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How are puppies raised & trained?

How are puppies raised & trained?

We incorporate the techniques of ENS and puppy culture principles. 

As the puppies enter each stage of development we evaluate and assess their personalities, temperament, and energy level to match them with the perfect home.     

By the time your puppy goes home they will have been introduced to crate training, basic obedience,  potty training, and grooming tolerance.

This is a good time to mention that the  Bolonka can develop separation anxiety.   This is manageable.   Just be sure to train your puppy to be confident and "ok" when left alone.  We can give you tips on how to do this.   

Remember...this is a dog bred to be in your company.  Consider having two if you work or are gone long hours.

The bolonka is to be trained with gentle guidance and positive reinforcement.  There is no place for archaic or harsh training methods with this breed.


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